A Conversation with: Federico Faggin, Inventor of the First Commercial Microprocessor

Welcome to the first installment of The Conversationalist with Federico Faggin. Federico designed the Intel 4004 in 1970-1971, which was the world’s first commerical microprocessor.  He founded and was the CEO of Zilog, the first company completely dedicated to microprocessors, and was the CEO and director of Synaptics, which created the early touchpads and touchscreens that are used in our mobile devices.

Federico received the 2009 National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama.

In 2011, he created the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation to fund the scientific study of consciousness. Independently, Federico has been diligently working on developing his mathematical model of consciousness, which in essence introduces it as the fabric of the universe, and the foundation to all that has been created. We delve much more into his model in our conversation.

I have created three video highlights below outlining our discussion of the invention of the microprocessor, Federico’s current study of consciousness, and how his definitions of success and happiness have changed through his research and lifetime.

It was a thrilling opportunity to speak with the man who is responsible for such a significant portion of modern technological development. I was taken aback by how Federico combined emotion, logic, humor, and introspection in not only his research, but also his worldview. If you want to see more of what this man has to say, my full conversation with Federico will be available below. There is also a podcast counterpart in the Eavesdrop page and at the end of this article that is a bit more interactive and includes my response to the conversation and the journey to and from the actual interview.

Federico elaborates on the journey to creating and refining the first commerical microprocessor:

“I had the desire, with this technology, to be second to none.”

Federico explains how his model calls for a reshaping of the postulates established by physics to consider the role of consciousness:

“The physical realities emerge out of consciousness. Therefore consciousness is a fundamental property of nature, of reality, of the world, before matter. In other words, it is consciousness that creates matter, not the other way around.”

Federico on how his research has influenced his definition of success, and how he addresses fear in his own life:

“Fear is energy, your energy, which is corrupted by misunderstanding.”

My full conversation with Federico Faggin is below, in addition to a link to the podcast counterpart of this conversation, where I respond to and interact with the interview.

My podcast about the conversation with Federico:

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Thanks for watching or listening! I will be releasing my  next video conversation in one week, and the podcast for that conversation in two weeks.

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