Let’s Catch Up

Divisions seem to be more prominent than commonalities right now. From political polarization to xenophobia and closed-mindedness, we need empathy more than ever.

In that spirit, here is an episode on connecting ideas and individuals from vastly different backgrounds and areas of the globe.

This is the first edition of “Let’s Catch Up.” These episodes will occur every four conversations, and will connect the ideas and common themes that we can take away from them.  They will only be in podcast form. In this edition we will connect ideas from:

  1. Federico Faggin: inventor of the first commercial microprocessor
  2. Caroline Macfarland: founder of the first visual think tank: CoVi
  3. Scott Resnick: Wisconsin politician and entrepreneur
  4. Dr. Stephen Russell: Director of Molecular Medicine at Mayo Clinic

We will discuss how these individuals define success, achieving work-life balance, the changing work environment and world that millennials face, and how they navigated difficult transitions earlier on in their own careers.

Let’s start talking!

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