Love Talk: A Series on Relationships

Welcome to Love Talk, a new Conversationalist series on love and relationships! I think people have such unique perspectives in relationships, but there are common elements uniting our disparate experiences. To capture these different viewpoints, I’ve conducted ten interviews with some single folks, individuals who have been dating for about a year, some who just got engaged, and couples who have been married over 30 years. Overall, we are going to examine millennial dating culture, building successful relationships, the value of marriage, how kids change a relationship, navigating breakups, and dealing with arguments. There will be three installments in this series:

1. The Valentine’s Day Edition: This one is more light-hearted! I talk to couples about what their favorite dates are, what makes their relationships work, and what is essential to their love.

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2. Breakups and Arguments: We go into the negative aspects of relationships, talking about how to productively argue with your partner and overcome difficulties as a couple. We also tackle breakups and how to get over them and learn from them. This will be coming in mid March.


Long Distance Relationships:

3. Marriage, Kids, & Millennials (oh my!): We talk about if marriage is worth it, when couples know they want to marry their partner, getting married young, how kids change a relationship, and how to sustain love in the long term. We also examine millennial dating culture, and what the heck us younguns are doing with our love lives. TBD on when this episode will air.

Let’s take a look at who we will be hearing from:

Dr. Thomas Bolin

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.09.00 AM.png

Dr. Thomas Bolin, professor of Theology at St. Norbert College, has been married for 22 years. We talked about how taking “quality time” with his wife can mean perusing food samples at the grocery store, and the importance of scheduling time with your partner on a regular basis. He also picks apart the idea of choosing to love someone, and how that is a completely different process from falling in love with them.

Amy Mrotek


Amy is a recent college graduate who has been dating her boyfriend for about four years. He recently joined the military, which has not only separated them geographically, but strictly limited their communication. In fact, for the first three months of going long distance, they were only permitted to communicate via letters and brief weekly phone calls.

Dr. Bridget Burke-Ravizza


Dr. Burke-Ravizza is a theology professor at St. Norbert College. She has helped engaged couples prepare for marriage through her church for many years, as well as taught a course on marriage and family as vocation. She has some fantastic insight into how one can work towards having a successful marriage, and how the dating culture today complicates relationships between many young men and women.

Sarah Rudnick 


You might notice a name change from the first video, because Sarah is married! When we sat down to talk she was 6 days away from her wedding. We chatted about her perspective on millennial dating culture, how getting engaged changed her relationship with her partner, and if she wishes she could have told her younger self when she would meet her current husband.

Prof. Laura and Dr. John Neary


The Nearys have been married for 36 years, and laughing for most of them! They describe how humor has been a major tool for overcoming the hardships they have endured, and how their earlier dates included making fun of names in the phone book…try to resist smiling when you watch them talk! I dare you.

Prof. Reginald Kim


Prof. Kim has been married for 2.5 years. About eight months ago, he and his partner began a long-distance marriage, and their work currently keeps them roughly 1000 miles apart. We talked about the benefits of being long distance as well as the elements that put strain on his marriage. He also touches on the benefits of online dating, what millennials are doing right with their dating culture, and his concerns with getting married young.

Haley Nett and Joe Zielinski


These two lovely people started dating their freshman year of college, and just got engaged! We talk about the worries they have with getting married young, if they feel they missed out on anything by having a serious partner throughout college, and how their religious beliefs are an essential part of their relationship.

Abbie Hausman and Jaquan Grier


There is absolutely no way you can miss how fun these guys are. They are adventurous, goofy, snarky, and lovely. (Although I am biased, because the one on my left is my roommate…). They have been dating about 1.5 years now, and have gone through a four month period where Abbie was studying abroad. We talk in later episodes about how they handled long distance, and why they like to go on weird and exciting dates so much.

Jonathan Carroll


We didn’t hear much from Jon in this episode, but he will be popping in soon! He has a really interesting perspective on love and relationships, and I can relate to his often cynical viewpoint more than I’d like to admit…Jon talks about the value in lowering one’s expectations, and how being a hopeless romantic can be detrimental to forming successful relationships in the long run.

The Boys! (From left to right) Jade Rohloff, Davis Cox, Collin Hess, Michael Wolfe


Do they even need a caption? These guys are just what the doctor ordered this Valentine’s Day! In all seriousness, they offer their perspective on the difficulties of being a Christian in the college dating scene, their response to those who say you should not have serious relationships while you’re young, and their advice for going through difficult breakups.

Thanks for listening and watching! Spread some love this week.

Speak to you soon,


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