With every interview, I also produce a video or podcast description of the journey to the interview, the reasons I asked the questions I did, and my reaction to different parts of the conversation.

A large part of this venture was to help me personally clarify my views on success, school, work, relationships, politics, and social justice, so this is a more interactive space to contain these thoughts.

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Episode 17: Does Geographic Location Affect Our Climate Change Views?

  • In early October, the United Nations released a report stating we have roughly a decade to avoid a climate change disaster.
  • I talked to four individuals from around the U.S. to see if their geographical location, or if they’ve been impacted by a natural disaster, influences their views on climate change.

Episode 16: A Conversation with Roo Yori, American Ninja Warrior, Advocate for Dog Adoption

  • Roo and I talk about catalyzing productive conversations, especially about divisive topics.
  • He talks about how being open to being wrong has the potential to change the dynamic of discourse.
  • Roo explains how his pitbulls Wallace and Hector inspired thousands of fans, and even a best-selling book.

Episode 15: A Conversation with Fr. Neilson and Dr. Risden, Professors of Art and English

  • These two professors from St. Norbert College discuss the value of studying the humanities, what has motivated them to pursue the dream in the midst of resistance, and where they draw inspiration from.
  • We also discussed overcoming existential crises, and how they came to realize the importance of making an impact in their individual lives.

Episode 14-A Conversation with: Lisa Calhoun, CEO, Author, First Woman to Start a Venture Capital Fund in Georgia

  • Lisa and I talked about how gender does not determine how successful you are in the business world. It is all up to perspective.
  • We discussed natural bias, and how it is different from overt sexism or racism.
  • She explains how millennials are capable of changing the work environment on their own terms.

Episode 13-A Conversation with: Chad Esker, World-Class Athlete and Epic 5 Finisher

  • Chad went from not being able to complete a one mile run to a world-class athlete in just eight years!
  • He recently completed the Epic 5 Challenge, which entails five iron mans in five consecutive days. (Yes, you read that correctly)
  • We talk about the importance of community support and physical and mental tenacity in achieving his athletic goals.

Episode 12-A Conversation with: Dr. Thomas Kunkel, President of St. Norbert College

  • President Kunkel has been leading St. Norbert College for the past nine years, and overseen $100m in fundraising during his tenure.
  • We discuss the nature of civil discourse in our country, and how to approach conversations with individuals one might disagree with.
  • He reveals how “a healthy sense of insecurity” has been a key component to his success, and offers his advice for new graduates.

Episode 11-A Conversation with: Chris Ayers, Character Designer for Dreamworks and Disney

  • Chris has worked on films such as Men in Black II,  Fantastic Four, and The Penguins of Madagascar.
  • He overcame his battle with acute myeloid leukemia, and has been celebrating being in remission with his series of books, The Daily Zoo.
  • He talks about making your passion into your career, overcoming difficult transitions, and recognizing that you always have a choice.

Episode 10-A Conversation with: Jan Oncel, VP of Sales at Forrester Research

  • I traveled to San Fransisco to have a chat with Jan about her journey as a woman in the business world, her advice for young people trying to enter the competitive sales market, growing up in Silicon Valley, and how the global sales market has changed in light of Brexit and other major events.
  • Jan talks about her varied experience in personal sales, sales management, and working in an executive capacity.

Episode 9 – Love Talk, Ep. 1

I sat down with a bunch of single folks, couples who have been dating for a year or so, those who just got engaged, and couples who have been married 30+ years to talk about love and relationships. This is the first installment in the three part series which will address marriage, breakups, and millennial dating culture in further editions. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Episode 8 – A Conversation with: Jazeel Limzerwala, PhD Candidate at Mayo Clinic and Former Professional Soccer Player

  • Join me as I sit down with the incredibly talented and funny Jazeel Limzerwala, who talks about his journey from Mumbai, India to Rochester, Minnesota to pursue his dream of becoming an accomplished researcher.
  • Jazeel was previously the captain of a professional soccer team in Mumbai, but gave up this position to study for his GRE and Masters in Biotechnology.
  • He has co-authored three published papers, one of which is featured in Science Magazine. And he is just getting started….

Episode 7 – A Conversation with: Emily Voss, Founder of VOSStudios

  • Local entrepreneur Emily Voss and I talk about the pressure to find a stable job, turning a hobby into a profession, work-life balance, and the value of a college education.
  • We are also joined by her fantastic dog, Finn!

Episode 6 – A Conversation with: Delaine Le Bas, Acclaimed British Artist

  • While studying abroad in London, I sat down with acclaimed artist Delaine Le Bas in the middle of an exhibition called “Blake’s Outsiders”at Worthing Museum.
  • Her work interrogates themes such as xenophobia, nationhood, gender identity, and success.
  • This conversation is even more impactful in light of the EU Referendum and recent Presidential election, and Delaine sheds light on the need for open-mindedness and compassion in today’s society.

Episode 5 – Let’s Catch Up! (#1)

  • In this first edition of Let’s Catch Up, I connect the past four interviews and illuminate the common themes and ideas we can gain from our impressive conversers. Whether they created the microprocessor or cured cancer, these individuals have some pretty interesting things to say.

Update: We Need to Talk.

  • You knew it was coming…a commentary on the election and the necessity of empathy in times like these. Not complacency or complete acceptance of your opponent’s beliefs. Just basic recognition that the other person is, indeed, a human being.

Episode 4- A Conversation with: Dr. Stephen J. Russell, M.D., Ph.D. Director of Molecular Medicine at Mayo Clinic

  • Dr. Russell leads the program in oncolytic virotherapy at Mayo Clinic. This is the practice of using viruses to treat cancer. He has cured one woman of her cancer completely using the measles virus
  • We talk about how he motivates himself when success is so difficult to attain, and when there are time barriers imposed through the FDA Regulation process.
  • Dr. Russell also comments on his experience in medical school, getting 2 hours of sleep in an 84 hour period as a junior doctor in the U.K., and where he sees the medical field moving in the future.

Episode 3- A Conversation with: Scott Resnick, COO, Executive Director, and Politician

  • Scott Resnick is the Co-Founder of Hardin Design and Development, a multimillion dollar business that specializes in making mobile applications for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and the Chicago Tribune. He was one of youngest aldermen in the country and served Madison’s Eighth District, introduced one of the first open data ordinances in the country, and ran for Mayor in 2015.
  • Listen in to hear Scott talk about how entrepreneurship is not as sexy as everyone perceives it to be, how he reacted to being silenced or not taken seriously because of his youth, and the importance of creating a fun office environment (equipped with a keg and video games).

Episode 2-A Conversation with: Caroline Macfarland, founder of the first visual and crowdsourced think tank, CoVi.

    • Caroline was named one of Management Today’s 35 Women Under 35 for her progressive work in the think tank world. She was an advisor for The Big Lottery Fund, the largest charitable funder in the UK.

Episode 1-A Conversation with: Federico Faggin, the inventor of the first commercial microprocessor.

  • Federico founded Zilog and Synaptics, the first which was the first company completely dedicated to the microprocessor, and the second which is responsible for the creation of many of the touch-screens that are still used today. Federico was awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation in 2009 from President Barack Obama. He is currently studying the nature of consciousness through the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation.

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