Check out where The Conversationalist has been featured, including websites in London and India!

1. CoVi

My interview with CoVi founder Caroline Macfarland was published on the CoVi website. This London think tank is the first visual and crowdsourced think tank.

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2. St. Norbert College Online Magazine

I had a chat for my college’s alumni magazine about how The Conversationalist began, what has kept me motivated among unexpected challenges, and how St. Norbert has helped me learn the value of conversation.

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3. The Green Bay Press Gazette

This conversation with the Press Gazette centered on why I haven’t picked a specific theme for my interviews, and the power of empathy.

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4. Johbawa

A local Indian online publication reposted my conversation with former professional soccer player and current PhD candidate at Mayo Clinic, Jazeel Limzerwala.

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5. Aneddotia Magazine

This Italian website posts articles on technology, politics, and history. They featured my conversation with Federico Faggin in their technology section.

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